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As Project managers we initially prepare detailed construction drawings and a schedule of works. We would specify all electrical and plumbing works and kitchen design to include all lighting positions and finished details.

We then co-ordinate all these details, appoint a structural engineer to prepare the necessary calculations for the structural work and make an application to the Local Authority for approval of these drawings under the Building Regulations. 

Two or three contractors who we work with on a regular basis are then invited to tender for the project. This will involve interviewing the contractors at our offices to explain the nature of the works and we will arrange for them to visit the property to familiarise themselves with the project. They would then obtain detailed estimates for the work that should normally be available within 4 weeks of the invitation to tender. We then assess the tenders and liaise with you in the final appointment of a contractor.

There is a great deal of work involved in this process but it would mean that we would be in a position to set up a Building Contract between you and a chosen contractor with a program and payment schedule for the project.

We then make regular visits to the property and inspect both the progress and quality of the work and produce interim valuations every two weeks certifying payments to be made to the contractor. In this way you have the benefit of a Chartered Architects Certificate for the work recognised by all major funding institutions and the satisfaction that all the work will be regularly inspected by this practice.

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