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At the start of any project you will have a couple of ideas to improve your house and probably also a lot of questions. You may want a larger kitchen of perhaps want to create open plan living space? Maybe you have a change in circumstances - a new addition to the family, older children leaving or returning home?

All these are common scenarios that may start you thinking about making alterations to your home.

You will have many questions – cost? What can you do? Do I need planning? What are Building Regulations? Do I need a structural engineer?

We are here to help! Our free consultation is an informal chat about your project where we can discuss your ideas as well as throw some more into the melting pot. We will advise you on all the steps required to reach the end product.

After we meet we will then write to you with our brief as well as our fees to take the project forward. It’s up to you if you want to take the next step.

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